My way

zurückgelegte Strecke in einer groben Übersicht / traveled distance in a rough overview:

Argentinien- Chile- Costa Rica- Nicaragua- Kanada- USA


1. Monat11.1.-11.2.2016 (Chile, Argentinia)

2.Monat11.2.-14.3.2016(Chile, Argentinia)

3. Monat (costa rica+nicaragua)15.3.-19.4. 2016(Costa Rica, Nicaragua)

20.4.- 17.5.2016 (USA1)

18.5.-16.6.2016 (USA2)

17.6.-07.7.2016 (USA3)

08.7.-10.8.2016 (USA4)

11.8.-15.9.2016 (USA5)


28.09.2016-20.10.2016 (Hawaii)


  22.10.2016- 2.11.2016 (Fiji)

New Zealand

   (02.11.2016- 16.03.2017) New Zealand

  (02.11.2016- 16.03.2017) New Zealand

Australia  (17.03.2017- 09.06.2017) Australia


Singapore- Malaysia- Thailand- Cambodia- Vietnam- Laos

(31.07.2017- 18.08.2017) Singapore+ Malaysia

  (18.8.2017- 8.10.2017) Thailand

(9.10.2017- 20.11.2017) Cambodia, Vietnam

(21.11.2017- 09.12.2017) Vietnam

(10.12.2017- 20.12.2017) Vietnam

(21.12.2017- 08.01.2018) Laos

(09.01.2018- 21.01.2018) Thailand







One thought on “My way

  1. Hello Mina from Whiritoa, was lovely to have you spend the night, hope you inspired the girls! Also hope you loving our beautiful country and are meeting some more lovely people, who are taking good care of you! Safe travels.

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